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Off the Streets
Opening a bank account

Banking $1,000,000

Bentley Rich
Banking $10,000,000

Private Plane Rich
Banking $1,000,000,000

Making 1 bounty hit

Cold Blooded
Making 5 bounty hits

Making 10 bounty hits

Angel of Freakin’ Death
Making 20 bounty hits

Completing 5 missions

Completing 50 missions

Completing 1,000 missions

Completing 5,000 missions

Whacking 1 mobster

Cold Blooded
Whacking 10 mobsters

One Man Army
Whacking 100 mobsters

The Terminator
Whacking 5,000 mobsters

Piciotto (button man)
Growing to a mob size of 5

Sgarrista (made man)
Growing to a mob size of 50

Don (boss)
Growing to a mob size of 500

Capo Crimini (boss of bosses)
Growing to a mob size of 1,000

Reaching level 3 on day 1

Reaching level 10 on day 1

Reaching level 20 on day 1

Warp Speed
Level 40 on day 1

Car Owner
Owning 1 El Camino

Private Health Insurance
Owning 25 Ambulances

Private Army
Owning 50 Rhino Tanks

Private Navy Seals
Have 100 gun boats

Gun Shop
Owning 10 Pump-Action Shotguns

Arms Dealer
Owning 25 RPG Launchers

Military-Industrial Complex
Owning 50 Sarin Gas Sprayers

Private Police Squad
Owning 100 Small Police Escorts

Owning 1 Limited Edition item

Buon Colllecttore
Owning 4 unique Limited Edition Items

Grand Colllettore
Owning 10 unique Limited Edition Items

Owning n/a unique Limited Edition Items

Lucky Crowbar
Getting 3 Crowbars in the Godfather’s slot machine

Lucky Auto
Getting 3 Bentleys in the Godfather’s slot machine

Lucky Tank
Get 3 Tanks on the slot machine mission

Lucky Mobster
Get 3 MOBSTERS on the slot machine mission

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